This Ramadan's Current Night Skincare Routine

Hey Lovelies ! Yes, I'm back and this time I'll be getting into more details about my night skincare routine. I wanted to post this particularly in Ramadan because OMG the lack of water has totally changed my skin, even if it's just been a few days. 

I'm usually rushing out of the house on regular days, so brekkie isn't an option. What I will do ,however,  is chug down several glasses of water, and carry a bottle of my detox or infused water around. Even if I'm not consuming much food once I'm up, I am still hydrating myself constantly.  As someone that has naturally dry skin, the lack of hydration through out the day due to Fasting has definitely affected my skin and I've noticed the need to change things up with my skincare  routine.

Current night skincare routine and they include :

L to R


- Cleansing Gel*Dermalogica

- Daily Superfoliant*TATCHA

- Rich Silk CremeSUNDAY RILEY  

- LUNA Sleeping Night OilMOLTON BROWN

- Vitamin Lip SaverORIGINS

- Drink-Up Intensive OverNight Mask

So if this feels like a lot of products, relax, I don't use them every day. Let me give you a complete breakdown of how I use these hydrating wonders.

First off, before I hit the sheets, I do so with a clean face. On a regular basis I hardly wear much makeup, but living in Dubai, the dust, heat and pollution can take it's toll on the skin. So it's imperative that you take a few seconds to make sure your skin isn't clogged with all these extra pollutants. The Maria Galland Cleansing gel is super soft on the skin. It comes in a clear gel form and has these soft pink granules. It makes my skin feel super clean but it has this weird soapy taste to it. Yes, I have tasted it so just make sure you don't accidentally get it into your mouth !I'll use this by applying it around my face in circular motions first before washing it all off.

Now, when I'm having an artsy makeup night and I'm creating looks for the Gram, my face will usually be covered in face paint, crystals and all that crazy stuff AND that's when I pull out the big dawg ! This is the Dermalogica Superfoliant cleanser. This has a powder formula, works by creating it into a paste. How I like to use the Superfoliant Cleanser is by pouring about  a teaspoon of it onto one of my palms. Then by gently trickling drops of water onto my palm, a paste is created. The water helps to activate the charcoal formula and really gets into the pores. I focus on rubbing the paste particularly around my nose, forehead and chin because I feel like these areas hold onto make up more than others.

The Daily Superfoliant is only used when I need a major clean down. That could be anything, from once a week to thrice a week.

I've been using the Tatcha Rich Silk Creme for a few months now, and really trying to go slow with it. This is luxury at it's finest. Luxury with a difference ! I've used other creams that cost a whooping $100+ and nada, nothing ! Tatcha is definitely an amazing brand with amazing ingredients. I'm in love with their concept, their packaging and most of all, I'm obsessed with how it makes my skin feel the next morning. Yes, it is possible to achieve baby skin in your mid 30's ! I ordered my Tatcha supply directly from their website and they deliver to the UAE within the next 2/3days or so ! Super fast !

I only managed to get my hands on the Sunday Riley's LUNA oil on my recent trip to NYC at the Sephora store. A huge fan of facial oils, I had to make sure it was added to my bathroom counter. I interchange between this and the Tatcha Silk Creme. I won't use them together. The LUNA oil has a deep blue tinge to it, just like the bottle's packaging. It does not stain the skin even though it looks like a heavy blue oil. There is a strange scent to it, I can't place what it is exactly, but it's very exotic.

This is a super hydrating oil and quite intense. Lately I've been playing with more makeup looks than usual with heavy duty products like paints and thicker creams. The LUNA oil is like a rescue back up when I know my skin needs it. Stripping makeup such as paints and glitter from the face is not an easy thing. If there's a lot of scrubbing and cleansing involved in your skincare routine make sure you bring back all the natural moisture that you've taken away. The LUNA oil does just that for me. My skin feels saved, relaxed and conditioned the next morning.

One of the most evident signs of fasting are dry chapped lips. I received the Molton Brown Vitamin Lip Saver as a gift and this product is just incredible. I'm actually surprised I haven't heard of it before. This is an extremely emollient lip balm that is perfect for the blistering heat. It is fragrance free and has no particular taste, so I'm actually applying it through out the day.

Last but not least, and I saved the best for the end, is the Origins Drink-Up Intensive mask. Since you can't get Origins here in the UAE, I stock up every time I'm in the Philippines or the U.S. The Overnight mask is a no-brainer. You apply it at night and voila, baby skin the next day. Your skin instantly feels like it had 12 glasses of water. I'll use the Drink-up Intensive mask maybe once a week, usually over the weekend if it's been super exhausting.

Has your skin been acting up with this crazy summer heat ? If you're fasting, have you felt the need to tweak your skincare routine ? I'd love to know if you've tried any of these products or if you have any tips on keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated through this month !

*received products as PR samples

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