After hitting 35 last year, the realization sank in that the BIG 40 is upon me very very soon. So I decided to take my skincare regimen to the next level.  As someone that has exceptionally dry skin and a slight T-zone,  I’ve had to invest in more than the typical $60+ night cream to do the trick. From trying out countless samples and products based on recommendations, I’ve narrowed down my search  to these 5 nutritional facial oils.

Understanding Facial Oils

Beauty blogs and Instagrammers have been promoting facial oils as if they’ve just hit the market. For those that don’t know, facial oils have been in the industry for quite a while now. To note, at least 40 years and running. One of the few beauty brands that first started incorporating facial oils into their line was Decleor.  Naturally over time, other beauty brands started to pay attention.

Working backstage for FashionWeeks, I noticed that the Key MUA’s,  would pull out these tiny magical bottles.  To create a beautiful dewy finish, a few drops of facial oils were secretly being mixed into foundations. This was well over a decade ago. Gosh, time does fly by when you’re having fun!



  1. KIEHL’S Midnight Recovery Concentrate – I’ve been using the Midnight Recovery Concentrate for almost 3 years and going. The Kiehl’s counter at Dubai Duty Free airport handed me a sample sachet to try. I was  instantly sold  when I decided to use it on my 14 hr flight to NYC . Naturally, when I was at Bloomingdales, I made sure I stocked up for the entire year. The intro on the bottle claims that it will restore your skin’s appearance by morning. It did and continues to do just that for my skin.  My skin is left feeling nourished and softer looking. Sometimes it feels like a primer has been used because my pores seem less visible the next day.
  2. ELEMIS Superfood Facial Oil* – Elemis recently launched their Superfood Facial Oil in the UAE about 6 months back. The concept behind the facial oil is quite simple.  If you aren’t consuming the nutrition that your skin needs, then the products you use, should do so. The Superfood Facial oil balances your skin by giving it the nourishment and nutrition it needs. Packed with some major anti-oxidant ingredients and fatty acids such as Flax Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil and Rose hip oil, it is also fragranced with top notes of Lavender, Patchouli, Orange & lemon. I’ll usually add a few drops onto my palm and gently rub both hands together. I take a whiff of the oils first and then gently press my palms onto my face. It instantly relaxes my body and prepares my mind to get into a calmer state for the night. The oil lasted me for close to 2 months as I was using this almost very other night. The only downfall to this product is that for 15ml, it retails close to a whooping $100. It’s a bit steep in my books, but I truly believe that investment in yourself, is investment that never depreciates.

    For Creating A Flawless Makeup Base

  3. M.A.C PREP + PRIME Essential Oil – Always one to take the lead, M.A.C finally introduced these Essential Oils into their line. These Essential Oils fall under their Prep + Prime category, as the brand understands how important it is to keep the skin hydrated before any makeup application. If you’re afraid that your oily skin tones may not be able to handle facial oils, think again ! Facial oils balance out your sebum production. And over time your face will naturally stop feeling the need to produce more sebum. Create beautiful skin by using this as a base before makeup.
  4. MARULA Facial Oil – This is another recent beauty haul and the only problem I have with it, is the fact that I didn’t discover this oil earlier ! I love how lightweight this oil is yet super hydrating. I am so in love with this oil that I had to get an extra one just for my Bridal Makeup Kit. Yes, I have a bottle saved up for my brides because till the day of the wedding, they usually have it rough. Lack of sleep, unable to eat properly, stressed skin, and as soon as I massage this onto their face, I literally can hear them sigh a relief. I can count the number of people who haven’t asked me about this oil once I have applied it on them. When mixed in with cream and liquid foundations, it creates a flawless finish. The oil has such a relaxing luxurious scent. It almost gives you the same feeling as if you had walked out of a spa retreat.


  5. DERMALOGICA Phyto Replenish Oil* – Here is a product that is basically “one healthy cocktail in a bottle “. With ingredients like Chia Seed oils and Orchid flower, it’s a no brainer why the skin instantly looks youthful and glowing. Dermalogica creates products that help fight against pollutants and free radical damage. So for all you inner city babes, this is the facial oil that will help protect your skin against environmental stress. It is THE bodyguard of all Oils ! The Phyto Replenish Oil is absorbed almost instantly without the skin feeling greasy. It almost feels like a dry oil but it isn’t. One thing that I really like about this Oil, is in fact its packaging. You only need to shake it a little and it easily dispenses 3/4 drops. With  droppers and different dispensers, I feel like I end with much more than I need for my face and decolletage. This leaves me with just the right amount.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the facials oils on my Top 5 list ! If you have any favorite facial oils please let me know. I’m always on the lookout for new products to try. Either way, feel free to send any of your recommendations my way 🙂




*received as PR samples







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  1. Wow ! Didnt realise how much difference facial oils can make. I have super dry skin so I guess it’s time i start to try them out.

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