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Always Kabhi Kabhi Movie Download 1080p Movies vangilb




Rishma (Reema Kagti) is a pharmacist at St. Marks who is famous for her uncanny ability to find hidden cures. She also is cursed with having six toes on one foot. Vijay (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a doctor at St. Marks. He believes that it is possible to restore the human spirit by removing ailments and is himself happy in his suffering. His hobby is actually to be a psychic medium, and he makes a living by traveling around the world to see how many people can be successfully helped by him. Akhil (Siddharth Malhotra) is a music teacher who lives next door to Vijay. He has studied at several colleges and universities, but finds that there are no good schools in India. He now works at a school in Canada. Jaggu (Pankaj Kapoor) is a school principal who was in the army and then started a school of his own. He believes in the philosophy that if people are taught to use their hands, they will work and succeed. He is the most cynical of the four, which is why he is often being scolded by his wife, Prasad (Vrajesh Hirjee), for his cynicism and lack of faith. Vijay and Rishma know each other, but it is not until Akhil's introduction to them that they actually become friends. Rishma and Akhil are attracted to each other at first, but then Vijay and Akhil want to be together, while Akhil and Rishma don't understand why Vijay is being so stubborn about this. It is Akhil who sets up a blind date between Rishma and Vijay. It is soon apparent that Rishma is actually the daughter of a very wealthy family, and that she is in love with Vijay. The rest of the film is about them falling in love and trying to figure out how to deal with the fact that they both are already married. I saw the trailers for this movie and was intrigued. Since this is a romantic comedy, I thought I'd like to see what it was like. I am glad I did because it was a funny movie. The first half was very funny, and I laughed out loud at several parts of it. Then the movie took a slight turn for the serious, which was not as funny, but still at least had some good moments.




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Always Kabhi Kabhi Movie Download 1080p Movies vangilb

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