From Karachi with Pyaar

thisThe last time I visited Karachi I was 9 and till today I can recall the madness of the city, the claustrophobic traffic and the air thick with the whiff of curries from food stalls. I finally managed to revisit Karachi after 26 years because of a family wedding. Childhood memories emerged once again, as I stepped foot into this magnetic city.

Bridal Hijab Styling, a career or a joke ?

There’s a massive misconception that hijab styling is not really a profession. I feel like I have to constantly explain to people that hijab styling is now like any other beauty service – one that is on the forefront of all things weddings and fashion.

Comfy Sunday’s with Satchel’s and Turbans

There’s a thin line you cross when you want your ensemble to look classy, chic yet urban cool. And really it all comes down to how you accessorize your ensemble. During the day, you’ll often catch me in a pair of flats or ‘too cool for school’ sneakers, with my wrists stacked with rings and bracelets.

Bliss Instant Radiance Oxygen Facial at Sensasia Spa

As a self professed beauty addict with a bathroom counter filled with the most sought after skincare products, it’s a no brainer that you still need to visit your favorite spa every now and then to give your skin some much needed pampering and loving. Mine happens to be the Sensasia Spa ! I heard so much about their Bliss facial treatments that I decided to try out the Bliss Instant Radiance Oxygen Facial at their Palm Jumeirah branch. I couldn’t get over how my skin looked after I left the spa.

Alterna X Glambox

A week and a half ago, I was invited to the Chill Salon in Dubai Media City where they had partnered up with Glambox and Alterna Hair products. First off, let me just say that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on Alterna products for over a year now. Especially since I’ve heard so much about them and how almost all of Hollywood’s finest have been raving about how amazing their products are. Little did I know that this whole time they were being stocked in Dubai !

How Do You Choose the Perfect Bridal Makeup Look ?

One of the most crucial things as a bride is choosing the perfect bridal makeup look for your wedding. The last thing you want is to look back at your Wedding album, only to cringe at your makeup.

10 Makeup Products to Create this Natural Eid Makeup Look

Here’s a quick Eid Makeup look using only 10 Makeup products ! Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated and here I show you how it’s done easy and quick.

Discovering NYC’s Street Art

New York City has always been on my travel bucket list and when I first visited over 10 years, I couldn’t get over the adrenaline and the intensity of the city. The smell of sizzling doner kababs, freshly baked pizzas and the stimulating street art always filled me with excitement and inspiration. It’s no wonder I make it a point to visit at least once a year.

Steven Klein’s Collab For Nars

When a creative genius like Steven Klein does a collaboration with one of the most artistic makeup brands, you have no choice but to take notice. Steven Klein for NARS was a collection I simply could not miss out on.

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