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I just wanted to share my MOTD (Makeup of the Day) for creating glowing, dewy skin . Creating beautiful, dewy skin has been a  topic for the past 5 years and there’s been no slowing down.  There’s always new products hitting the markets with ‘better’ ingredients or formulation to give you that ultimate ‘glow life’. MOTD for dewy skinHere are my favorite beauty picks that help create natural dewy skin without that 80’s fake shimmer bling. Don’t get me wrong, I love my highlight powders but sometimes it can look quite overwhelming particularly during the day.  I am all about creating a natural beautiful glow that looks like it’s coming from within, as opposed to being plastered on top.

It seems like every makeup blogger Instagram post is about promoting ‘ cake on cake’ kind of beauty. In all honesty, not everyone has a full hour or more to beat their face down. And really, does looking good have to be so complicated ?

Creating Glowing Dewy Skin

To create glowing dewy skin you don’t need a hundred products  that break the bank. You just need the right products !

First step is finding a FDT that works for you. This is probably the hardest one because a lot of the times, women pick the wrong FDT shades. If your shade ain’t right, nothing you put on top will make it work. You will end up looking ashy, or grey, too light or too dark.  If you’ve gotten the right shade, you may have gotten the wrong formulation for you. Your skin either looks too oily after a few hours, or the opposite, too patchy.  Worse, is when the FDT oxidizes and you look like you’ve had a bad tan.

What’s the answer for getting it right  ? Sample containers, these are a God send.  As a consumer, it’s your right to ask for a sample of the FDT that you want to get. Ofc all beauty brands do not carry samples of every FDT shade that they carry, this is where sample containers come in. You can usually find these in stores like MUJI, or even $1 stores that carry household Japanese items. In the UAE we have DAISO. These are your best bet to finding clear containers and jars in all sizes.

It’s important to try your FDT on your face ! Not your neck, the top of your hand or any other part of the body. If you were using your FDT there, then it would be fine, but you’re not ! This stuff goes on your face and your face needs to be able to adjust to it. Leave your FDT on for a few hours, particularly during the day when you’re moving around the most. This is where you’ll be able to test how it works on your body’s temperature and alkalinity.

Once you’ve narrowed it down, you should be good to go.

I fell in love with the KIKO Second Skin FDT. For someone with dry skin, this worked perfectly for me. I bought myself two shades, Neutral 40 and Neutral 60. I like to look a shade darker than my natural skin tone, and yes, it’s easier to get away with it when you’re wearing the hijab !

What Next ?

I fell in love with CoverFX about 10 years ago when I was doing some research on acne skin. It was one of the first beauty brands that hit the market to specifically target women with problematic skin issues and irregularities. I was sold with their Cover Cream FDT’s and invested in a bunch for my bridal makeup kit. Over time, CoverFX has continuously focused on the one thing that made them famous, making skin look good. They’ve recently released Custom Infusion Drops which are great for acting as a hydrating base for your skin. You can mix this in with your primer or your skincare. I add a few drops to my Pro beauty blender and gently tap it on top of my skin. All of a sudden, my skin looks like it’s coming to life.

There are hundreds of way of creating that beautiful dewy skin, click here to see how I’ve used other techniques and products.

Finishing Off With

Once I’m happy with how my skin looks, I use my Color POP Super Shock Cheek in Wisp with my Real Techniques Multi- Task brush to add a subtle powder highlight. I love mixing and experimenting with different textures. Using a powder highlight on the planes of your face will help to set your FDT and make it glow in the right places. You don’t want your makeup to shift or move. Adding a little powder on top will prevent that from happening.

Once I’m done working with my skin, I finish off by spritzing my TATCHA Dewy Skin Mist Spray.  I usually recommend to use facial sprays at an arm’s length but Tatcha’s Mist Spray doesn’t spritz quite far. So I actually need to bring it quite close.

My skin feels light, natural to the touch and absolutely glowing and dewy.

Have you tried any of these products ? Do you have any particular go-to beauty products for creating dewy skin ? Share your tips and feedback as I’d love to hear about them.




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