Find out my favorite shopping spots for modest Street Style fashion without  going broke. Yes it’s possible !

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Modesty Blogger, Fashion Blogs, Modesty Blogger Dubai, Famous Modesty BloggerI’m always on the lookout for stand out fashion pieces without having to watch my bank balance at the end of the month. I’m sure you ladies feel me on this one ! Seriously though, trends are constantly changing, and certain fashion ‘statements’ aren’t really a statement 3 months down the line. I don’t mind investing on a fashion piece that I know I can get my money back on like a classic Chanel bag. As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve realized that I’d rather save my hard earned dough for traveling and exploring the world, as opposed to my wardrobe.

I’m sure many hijabis will agree on, having extra clothes to layer on, to get the right ‘modest’ look isn’t always easy, and it doesn’t make it cheaper either. I consider my style more modest street style. Over time I’ve realized that I’m just not going to be that hijabi chick that wears the abaya.

Putting together a modest outfit that’s street style cool, has taken me a few years to master. I’ve scrounged around various flea markets, high street stores, and I’ve finally figured out on what my favorite shopping spots are without adding a dent to my monthly bank statements.



Peplum hem blazer £28, currently on sale for £16 – between 78 – 137AED approx

One of UAE’s most popular fashion store Namshi, sells a similar version from Topshop for 265 AED. That’s a 128AED more than what I purchased from MissGuided.



Boohoo Pearl Embellished Boyfriend Jeans  £35.00 – 172AED approx

ZARA has something quite similar as the one I’m wearing  but it’s online retail value is for $69.90 – 257 AED approx. I’m sure our local UAE ZARA stores stock these at much higher prices too. If anything I saved close to a 100AED by purchasing this style through ASOS.


Shoes  –

OLGA Western Platform Shoes £45.00  – 220AED approx 

I constantly struggle finding a pair of shoes that fit me as my shoe size is a UK 3.5 or US 5.5. Yes, I have tiny feet and they’re wide in the front. The struggle is definitely real with women like me that have wide small feet ! I barely find my shoe size and during sale season, it’s like witnessing a shooting star ! Almost never happens, well for me at least. I must say though, NEW LOOK and Forever 21 do get it right, but my sizes are always sold out when I’m in the mall.  I usually stock up on shoes when I’m in Manila during the Summer, but if I need new shoes for an occasion, ASOS is my goldmine !

I’ve been looking for a soft grunge 90’s platform shoe and this was the only pair that stood out to me. There were several designers like Gucci and CASADEI that had platform shoes that caught my eye, but I wasn’t going to indulge over 2000AED on a style that wouldn’t be in season two months down the line.

ASOS and MISSGUIDED have free delivery to the UAE and can take any where from a week to 3 weeks ! Bare in mind that orders above 1000AED are subject to custom tax and can end up costing at least 150AED. Sometimes your order gets delivered to your doorstep usually by local courier, Skynet. Other times, it’s dropped off to your post office.

Hope you found this post helpful ! If you’ve got a favorite online spot that nails it each time, please pop it down as a comment below. I’m always looking for fun places to shop at.







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