One of the biggest challenges I find about being a hijabi, is finding the right outerwear. I’m  a 100% sure most of you hijabistas will agree ! Either they’re too thick, too short, too sheer, or simply put, too boring. I discovered Faraashah, an upcoming modesty wear line created by Farhat Javaid, recently. Farhat is a British Pakistani designer residing in Dubai. During a charity bazaar event that was raising funds for Syrian refugees, I spotted her long cover-up jackets and fell in love. Naturally, I made sure I picked one up for myself.modesty fashion

Initially when I first started to wear the hijab, I stuck to the traditional black abayas. As time went by, it just didn’t feel like they represented me. As an artist, I needed color, texture, and more than anything I wanted to stand out in my own way. I love  discovering brands like Faraashah and being noticed for my own individual style as opposed to blending in with everyone else.

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This long kimono duster jacket is lightweight and flowy. It also has these lovely floral embellishments on the sleeves, which is what caught my eye. These are all handmade and produced right here in the UAE. Pieces from Faraashah are unique and limited, which I love.  Like seriously, who wants to look like everyone else ?

A fan of mixing high street fashion with unique accessories, a jacket like this is the perfect touch to standing out. This is the perfect wrap up for the blistering heat in Dubai as you’re fully covered yet super cool at the same time 😉

Outfit details are :

Pants by Uniqlo.

Long sleeved Peplum shirt from SM , Manila.

Turquoise flats by Valentino.

Mini handbag by Karl Lagerfeld.

The great thing about her pieces is that you don’t have to be a hijabi to wear these ! They’re great when worn over a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. If you do wear the hijab, there are quite a few ways of customizing your outerwear jackets and cardigans to suit your personal style.

I love this piece so much that I am giving one lucky winner the chance to win this !

Share your comments and tell me why you would like to win and what you like about this kimono duster jacket.

For more info on Faraashah, make sure you follow her on Instagram @faraashah_.

Good Luck !




  1. Wow!! MaShaAllah This outfit looks so stunning on you 😍.
    Yes that’s so true for hijabi girls its so confusing to get the right modest style.Even me as a hijabi faces the same prob.

    I would definitely love to rock on this light as feather kimono 😍
    I do follow them faithfully and indeed love their creative work.
    Hoping again to win this for my birthday🙈..
    Lovee you .

  2. What I love about this kimono is the fact that it looks simple yet can be dressed up just how you did with some classy shoes and a bag. I can totally imagine wearing this on top of a dress and whenever I want to dress it down I could wear it with jeans and a tee. These days I am absolutely obsessed with buying all sorts of kimonos and open Abayas as I believe not only do they add the perfect touch of modesty but also look super fashionable and classy. I would love to wear this gorgeous Abaya as part of my eid outfit!

  3. ZkashBeauty

    Wow this is huge if i would win. As a hijabi girl, abbayas frashas i adore. Living chilhood in Saudi, took my interest over this. Cape style or loose humongous sleeves or plain styles or colored, i drool over it. It’s modest Its elegant!! Its Alluring!!! Its captivating!!!

  4. Ameera Jabeen

    I love it so much! It would be perfect for my vacation to Maldives next month. Being a hijab, wearing black abaya can be really boring. This would be a great alternative especially on vacay. If I win it I would love to style it exactly the way you did! It feel so dreamy and also I lovvve Faraashah!

  5. MashaAllah that’s so Beautiful. Being a hijabi ,I have the same struggle as most girls do. This outer wear will just be perfect to complete my look and would be flaunting it around for sure.

  6. Ameera Jabeen

    I would so love to win this especially to wear ok my upcoming trip to Maldives insha Allah. And I would style it the same way you did! I’m a hijab and I’m really bored of my black abaya, would love to change it up during my vacay. Also, I just lovvve Faraashah!

    • zareenshah

      Wow Maldives sounds fun ! Lucky you Ameera ! Stay tuned !

  7. Eman shah

    Wowww i lovee the outfit its amazing and MashaAllah the post is stunning so tumblr love it ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  8. I just lost 15 Kilos of my weight, and I’m looking to change my style.. I thought one day, I will be wearing something like that with confidence.. I think it’s close.. 💙🙏🏻

    I love the peplum shirt..!

  9. I just lost 15 kilos of my weight, thinking that one day i will have a nice body that will make me feel light and encouraged to wear something like this.. I hope I win.. New beginnings with new styles.. ❤️

    • zareenshah

      Thanks Hind for sharing a personal experience. I’m sure it would look great on you ! Stay tuned. Please make sure you’re also following Faraashah on Instagram.

  10. Being a hijabi layering up is literally a task for me. Why i would like to win this is because i can see how light this is and being in UAE at present experiencing such high temperature im sure this will be prefect for the season.💕

    • zareenshah

      Yes, it gets super hot here and this surprisingly has been very lightweight !

  11. Recently I visited the OConcept boutique in Jumeirah and this was one of the pieces that caught my attention instantly. And since then I have added this kimono to my ‘Things I need to Buy’ list.

    Since the weather is high in Dubai, the light fabric of this kimono can make it perfect for one to wear around easily. The beautiful floral embellishment is a perfect match to this duster jacket. It’s color can allow one to experiememt different color of scarves from dark to light. That’s the best thing for a hijabi like me.

    I’d love to add this piece to my closet not only because of it’s stunning design but also because of the modest fashion it reflects.
    Humna recently posted…Knock down your failuresMy Profile

    • zareenshah

      Thank you so much Humna for your feedback and personal experience with Faraashah. Please make sure you’ve subscribed here to my blog and following mine and Faraashah’s account on Instagram.

  12. This kimono is effortlessly classy & feminine. I love how the pretty pop of pastel coloured embellishment on the sleeves gives it that perfect oomph factor. Would love fabulous with a soft smokey eye, sculpted cheekbones and a glossy nude lip!!
    So difficult to find clothes that are chic yet modest – this is the epitome of both! The draping cut makes it the perfect accessory for both Western and Eastern outfits. Would love to have this in my wardrobe!!

    • zareenshah

      Hey Madiha ! Such a lovely comment and I love the makeup references ! You really are a beauty addict !

  13. That is gorgeous.. love everything about it!!

  14. This kimono looks elegant and perfect for Eid look! The fabric is too light and the white color makes the perfect outfit for this summer!

  15. This Kimono is the perfect outfit for the summer because it’s made of light fabric and the white color! It’s trendy and a must have for all Hijabi girls!

    • zareenshah

      Congrats Noor on winning this beautiful piece from Faraashah ! Please email your address details or get in touch through Instagram ! Hope you enjoy this as much as I do !

  16. When I first accepted Islam, I was unsure about wearing the hijab that is until my first year of university. During Islamic Awareness week at university, I hung out with many sisters who wore hijabs and a few of my non-muslims friends asked me if I would wear it, as if it was something absurd and weird. Little did they know that I was a non-conformist, I refused to accept the narratives as written and shared in the media. I refused to be told how to dress, how to act, and in general change me just to pleases others. I asked them if I wear the hijab why would it be an issue, they said it is not normal or cool. Guess what, I was already on the verge of putting the hijab but when these questions came my way, I decided to be an anarchist of society. I decided I will not follow the narrative when I am not the narrator of my own story. Nonetheless, alike my ideas and thoughts so is the way I dress. I dress for me, to impress me and to please my taste and not the taste of others. Furthermore, the pieces in my closet have to be unique and just for me. I really love the cuffs and embellishments on the cuffs, this piece is definitely unique and it says, “I AM ME”! As a latina I love unique fashion pieces; pieces that say I am a Latina and Proud to be Muslim. In general the pieces created by Faraashah stand out from the rest, they are fashion pieces which are non-conforming just like me. They don’t follow the usual-same look!

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