Contour has been all the rage ever since we saw how drastically it changed the faces of the Kardashians. It’s almost blasphemy if you don’t own at least one contour palette. I was super excited to receive the Laura Mercier Contour palette and wanted to make sure it was worthy enough to add into my makeup kit.

One of my favorite things about the Laura Mercier contour palette is that it comes with a breakdown on how to use the palette and how to contour for various face shapes and broken down into 4 sections : The Art of Contouring, Contour, Highlight and Quick Fixes. I think it’s a great add on especially for those that are still getting into the contouring game. The tips are really easy and helps you understand your face shape better.

Here’s what the contour palette consists off:

5 creamy shades:

Contour #1 – beige brown

Contour Medium #2 – chocolate brown

Contour Deep #3 – deep chocolate brown

Highlight #1 – creamy beige with a hint of shimmer

Highlight #2 – amber bronze

I love the contour shades of the palette. They are the perfect shades for shading and contouring facial features, however I wasn’t sold on the cream highlighters. Highlight #1 had a nice soft gold undertone but I felt that Highlight #2 was just too coppery even for darker skin tones. I understand that Laura Mercier tried to incorporate the highlighters to make it a complete palette, however, I feel if there were deeper shades of contour instead of the 2 Highlighter shades, this palette would’ve easily beat the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette any day. The color scheme of the contour shades are ON POINT. The texture is creamy which makes is so much easier to blend in, and even with its creamy texture it doesn’t feel heavy or thick on top of foundation.

Are you on a contour mission ? If so, what do you use to contour ? Share your thoughts and feedback if you’ve got the Laura Mercier Palette for yourself.



*product received as a gift



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