Iconic British fashion brand Burberry has recently joined fellow counterparts like D&G, Gucci and Marc Jacobs by creating a beauty line as an extension of their brand. I’m usually quite skeptical when designer brands merge into the beauty industry. I find that the average consumers are usually attracted to designer makeup lines particularly for the packaging as opposed to the actual versatility and longevity of the products. 

Highlight and contour is now a staple category in almost every beauty brand and I was able to get my hands on the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance No.01. This liquid highlighter is water infused so it actually has a very thin formulation. Unlike most highlighters that tend to be super shimmery, this actually feels more like skin and blends in so much easier.

I applied a small pump of the Luminous Fluid Base and as I rubbed it over my wrist, it almost felt like it melted into my skin instead of just laying on top. It’s extremely lightweight and even though the Nude Radiance No.01 is the lightest shade, on a person like me, that has a soft honey/beige undertone, it surprisingly did not look very ‘silvery’ on my skin.

From experience, most liquid highlighters particularly the lightest shades just don’t mesh right with more Asian/Latin/Arab skin tones. They tend to look a bit too pearly for my preference. This simply wasn’t the case with the Burberry liquid highlighter. I would even suggest more medium skin tones to go for this shade. It’ll give you that natural skin glow, instead of the “100 layers” of highlight look that we see popping all over Instagram.

*I took a pic of the swatch when I had just rubbed it in so it looks a little more pearly than it really is.

This is the pen version of the liquid highlighter, and even though the shades have the same name, the texture for the Highlighting Luminous Pen is slightly more prominent and intense in texture and color tone. The highlighter pen comes in a soft creamy finish with a subtle gold undertone. I’m still not sure which one I prefer more, however this would be easier to use on the eyes such as applying highlight at the inner corners of the eye or underneath the eyebrows. You could even use this on the entire eyelid for a soft shimmery eye look.

Currently, Burberry has 2 shades for their Effortless Contouring Pens, a Medium No.01 and a Dark No.02. The texture for the Burberry contour pens are quite different from most contour products that tend to be quite creamy. The pens look creamy but when you apply then, they have a soft gel finish, and dries off without feeling greasy. The texture feels so light that you could easily skip the brushes with this one and just use your fingers instead. I am really digging these right now. Unlike palettes that can take up so much space in your drawers or makeup kits, these pens are super versatile and even easier to apply. The Medium No.01 shade is a soft nutmeg brown whereas the Dark No.02 is a deeper chocolate brown with a slight grey tinge. I prefer contour shades that have a grayish shade integrated into the color scheme as it works better for ‘shading’ in the contours of the face, it just looks more realistic particularly in pictures.

Last but not least, here’s a swatch of the Lip Definer in Nude No.01. It’s a soft spicey pink with a very smooth creamy finish. The cool thing about the Burberry lip pencils, is that they actually include a sharpener inside the box ! Yaaay ! I am always losing my sharpeners so to have a lip pencil that automatically comes with one, makes you wonder why most makeup brands don’t incorporate that. While I was swatching, I left it on for a few minutes and it actually took a while to get it off with makeup wipes, which is great ! I generally prefer lining my entire lips with a lip pencil all over before applying a lipstick. Particularly, with liquid matte lipsticks which are currently all the rage, they tend to look super drying after a few hours and more prone to chipping off, so it’s a very good idea to line your entire mouth with a lip liner beforehand.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with Burberry’s makeup line. They definitely have the color scheme down to a tee and I actually like how the names of the products are quite simplified. It just makes it so much easier to remember, and I have the memory of a goldfish so the simplicity of it all really appeals to me. The makeup collection is encased with the distinctive Burberry check pattern in gunmetal, and you can feel the luxurious tone that Burberry sets through out its makeup collections. However, as a makeup addict, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the textures and their tones. Definitely makeup kit approved !


In Dubai, you can now find Burberry makeup in Sephora MOE, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales and GLF in Dubai Mall.

If you’ve tried Burberry makeup, shoot down your comments and thoughts.



*products were received as a gift


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