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modesty fall style fashion

modesty fall style fashionmodesty fall style fashion

Street Style Fall Inspo

If you’re living in Dubai, you’re probably just about ready to pack in all your winter outfits. I had to make sure I rocked up some serious fall street style vibes before stuffing my gorgeous grey fur vest at the back of my cupboard. I picked up this fur vest while strolling around the Pakistani stalls at Global Village, and I can’t wait to pull it out for my trip to NYC in May.

Fall is all about darker accents of greys, burgundys, khakis and chocolate browns. These are great classic colors to work with but I love incorporating an element of surprise.

Turtlenecks are excellent options when you want to opt for a turban look. I spotted this metallic bronze turtleneck from New Look a while back. If you’re ever on the lookout for turtlenecks you’ll have come to the conclusion on two things. 1) There are very few around. 2) They almost always come in just the most basic colors ; black, white, and grey if your lucky. So when I found a ‘look at my disco vibes’ kinda turtleneck, I did a double take and convinced myself that it surely would come in handy one day !

Looks for fall can be quite dreary and frankly speaking, just boring. Most of the time, it’s super cloudy and the easiest thing to pick out is that comfy oversized grey sweater.

By adding prints, you instantly create vibrancy and edge to your outfit. I picked these African inspired printed pants from Mango a while back and absolutely love them.

How do you take your fall street style look from 0 to a 100 ?

When a friend introduced me to Cult Gaia, it was love at first sight. I am always on the lookout for anything that is unique and stands out. But I was desperately waiting for them to add more color variations to their infamous Ark. As soon as they launched new colors and texture, I knew that the Malachite green had to be mine.

Have at least 2 accessories that can be a head turner. I’ve had loads of questions and remarks on my sunglasses but it’s a find at one of the Chinese stalls at Global Village. Your outfit can consist of classic colors, but break the monotony by adding a few interesting or unusual accessories. Fall Street style is all about breaking the rules. In fact there are NO rules to street style fashion. You make it up as you go along.

My platform shoes are an awesome find from ASOS. My feet size are almost child like at a US 5.5 and it is almost close to impossible to find shoes that fit me here. ASOS saves me each and every time ! Not only do they stock super small sizes like mine, but they also have a lot of options for wide feet and yes, I have those too !

Remember ladies fashion should never be boring !



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