New York City has always been on my travel bucket list and when I first visited over 10 years, I couldn’t get over the adrenaline and the intensity of the city. The smell of sizzling doner kababs, freshly baked pizzas and the stimulating street art always filled me with excitement and inspiration. It’s no wonder I make it a point to visit at least once a year.

 A garage sale of vintage memorabilia 

Graff art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

African Inspired Street Art in Queens

Streets of Queens

Bruce Lee Street Art in Brooklyn

Campaign for VANS in Brooklyn

Auto shop in industrial part of Queens

Somewhere in Brooklyn, near the Ferry terminal

Found Fafi in a vintage clothing store in Williamsburg

This is just a tiny glimpse to the many sights that made me stop me in my tracks. New York City, to me, is like a treasure box. You keep finding something or the other that is better than the last thing you set your eyes on. Breathing, feeling and experiencing this kind of visual stimulation never ceases to lift my spirits. As an artist, I can’t help but leave this city brimming with ideas and clarity on what I need to do for the following months. Strolling down the streets of New York and witnessing all the art that it has to offer in its complete rawness, makes every graffiti and street art book that I have, come to life.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed capturing these images. If you have any particular recommendations of places with great street art, I would love to make notes for my travel bucket list !


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