Can’t believe this is the last Glambox for 2017 !

Omgggg seriously it’s just another 8 hours or so before the countdown of a New Year and I am so excited for 2018. This year has been such an amazing learning curve and I’ve had some great opportunities and amazing partnerships with brands like Glambox !

I’ve been a Beauty ambassador for them for almost 6 months now and I’ve discovered so many new beauty brands that have entered the market. Many of which are brands made and produced in the UAE !

So let me show you guys the final Glambox for 2017. It comes with 5 very unique beauty products perfect for a night out on NYE and to carry you the year over.


december glambox review

First off, LASHES ! Pinky Goat Lashes are a local brand that can now be found online on their website or Lifestyle and Beauty Bay stores across the UAE. The lash style I received is in HESSA and is part of their Glam collection and retails for about 44AED. This lash style is pretty thick and long, so it’s definitely about ‘going all out’ with this one ! And which better night to do so than on NYE !
december glambox review Next up is a Gold eye Pencil from Karaja, called the 24H Non-stop eyeliner.Glambox December reviewHere’s a swatch of how bright the gold eyeliner pencil is. I tried to get it off when washing my hands and can honestly tell you, it was one of the hardest things to get off ! It did not budge one bit. I used soap and facial cleanser to get it off my hands and the gold was just not having it. It even states on the pencil that it should NOT be used inside the eyes, and now I understand why ! The darn thing just won’t budge. Perfect product for a night out when you know you’ll be sweating and moving around a lot.
karma and glamboxIt’s not a party if your hands don’t look as good as your face ! December’s Glambox had a set of Press On Manicure Nails. Personally, I don’t use Press on Nails much but my sister loves them to bits. She’s always stealing the ones I receive and I know she’ll totally be rocking these when I’m not around.december glambox reviewI was super excited to see an Erborian product in this month’s Glambox ! Erborian is a fusion of French luxury and Korean natural cosmetics and can now be found in Sephora stores across the UAE. This is a 15ML version and Sephora stocks the full size in 45ML and ranges at 185AED.

december glambox review

December’s Glambox contained the Glow Crème from Erborian. It is a Illuminating face cream quite similar in effect as M.A.C’s strobe cream. You can easily use it under your makeup or mixed in with your foundation. It gives off a pearly iridescent sheen to the skin but in a very natural finish. Fireworks ain’t going to be the only thing lighting up the skies tonight 😛
december glambox review

Lastly, there is a Absolute Youth Cream from Orlane called B21 Extraordinaire in 7.5ML. I’ve found Orlane in bigger pharmacies   in Dubai such as Ibn Sina and LIFE. The cream in 50ML retains for over 600AED ! Personally, I haven’t used Orlane skincare before. I’ve seen them around but I’ve never actually tried them out so I’m glad that I’ll be able to discover the brand more.  You all know by now how obsessed I am with skincare products.

Glambox December review

Every monthly Glambox comes with a set of vouchers and coupons but it’s always the products that grab my attention.

You can still avail over 20% discount with my code ZAREEN35 for a 6 month or yearly subscription on Glambox so don’t miss out.

Have you had a Glambreak yet ??? Let me know if you’ve tried Glambox before. You know how much I love reading your comments ! So ladies, adieu ! Have a great end of 2017 and you will definitely be seeing more one me next year !


Love you all so much.



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