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Today’s post is going to be a bit different. If you like being a bit more experimentive,here’s a “How to create crystal Lip Art ?”
I guess I’m still mesmerized by watching @Vladamua live at The Makeup Show. If you’re into lip art, Vlada has graced us with her undeniably amazing talent so make sure you follow her on IG ! In all the craziness at The Makeup Show, I luckily managed to catch the last half of her live lip demo and was completely awestruck by how intricate her details are. And that’s what separates the mediocre from the best – attention to detail.

Lately, I’ve been quite intrigued and inspired by crystals and this particular image helped me create the color scheme for this lip art.

So what’s needed to create lip art like this ???

First and foremost, patience !

Working with crystals is definitely not the easiest especially since you’re working with smaller sizes to fit the lips. It’s when the tweezer loses it’s grip on a crystal that you’re just about to place down that is soooo frustrating.

I use DUO in clear white to set the crystals in. However, I squirt out a pea sized amount on a spatula and lightly tap my crystal on it. Once you flatten a crystal down, it’ll spread the glue. So you want to make sure you don’t have too much on the back so that the glue doesn’t spread everywhere.

Keep in mind when you’re creating a creative piece, that it is very very possible that it may not turn out the way you expected. Sometimes there is beauty when your look doesn’t go as planned. You may discover a new technique or realize what you need to do differently so that it can be better. So no what, always keep an open mind.

The tools are pretty simple :

DUO Glue – WHITE – it turns clear so it doesn’t leave any residue.

A pair of tweezers – make sure you find a tweezer that allows you to have a strong and easy grip. My favorites ones are from Tweezerman and Japonesque. You can easily find Tweezerman in all th leading supermarkets like Spinneys and Carrefour.

Swarovski Crystals in different sizes and shapes. You can also check out @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager account on IG. She plays with a lot of tear cut crystals to create teeth like effect for her skull makeup looks. I grab mine from local embroidery stores in Satwa and Naif, here in Dubai.

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