A week and a half ago, I was invited to the Chill Salon in Dubai Media City where they had partnered up with Glambox and Alterna Hair products. First off, let me just say that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on Alterna products for over a year now. Especially since I’ve heard so much about them and how almost all of Hollywood’s finest have been raving about how amazing their products are. Little did I know that this whole time they were being stocked in Dubai !

Well, you know what they say, better late than never ! Luckily for me, I walked away with this month’s November Glambox that included 5 of the most sought after Alterna Caviar products. These included the : Caviar Repair X Instant Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner, the Caviar CC Cream which is a leave-in conditioner, the Caviar Anti- Aging Oil Creme (pre-shampoo treatment) and a Caviar Repair X Treatment Masque.

If your hair is in need of some dire SOS, then let me say, that miracles do come true. Don’t let the hijab on my head fool you. I am constantly experimenting with hair colors and almost always have some sort of ombrè effect going on. And since going wild with your hair usually consists with a certain amount of bleaching, my hair has gotten brittle and dry over time. I was even debating if I should snip a bit of it off but I’ve been treating my hair to the Alterna Caviar Line since I received them, and in a matter of such a short time I have regained faith that my hair might actually go back to its once lustreful-self.

I wear a head cap, almost like a du-rag, underneath my scarf, and over time, I feel like my scalp has gotten drier. I am unfortunately, one of those people, that suffer from dry skin no matter how much I hydrate my body so I constantly need to slather on moisturizers on my face and body. The first thing that you experience with Alterna hair products is the scent. It just makes you feel instantly cleaner and somehow calmer ! You’re basically treating your hair with the finest of the finest that does not include parabens, sulphates or harsh ingredients. Because the brand so eco-friendly and so pure with it’s ingredients, I’ve been using the CC Cream, which is a leave-in conditioner, on my 3 year old daughter !

After, using the Full & Fill treatment masque, I felt a noticeable change in the texture in my hair. It was smoother, easier to comb through, and it felt bouncier the next day. The caviar range by Alterna is quite extensive, and although not included in this Glambox, I managed to try out the Omega+ nourishing oil, and was blown away by how nutritious it was. To me, it was good enough to be used as a facial oil !

As someone that has personally subscribed to Glambox and received their products over time, I am impressed by the variety of brands that they’ve been introducing recently and the quantity that you receive back for a subscription that’s only 71AED monthly for an entire year, is unbeatable. The value for this month’s Alterna Caviar Haircare is easily worth 300AED if not more, and you’re given a chance to experience the best sellers of the range for a quarter of the price.

If you’re still debating if it’s worth subscribing for, use the promotional code GBNOV50 to receive 50% off your 12 month subscription. This code is valid for this month only . Trust me, you’ll thank me for it ! For those that want to go ahead with full sized Alterna products, you can find them at the Chill Salon Dubai Media City 04 4462991.

If you’ve tried Glambox before, shoot me your comments. And if there any Alterna fans out there, holla ! It’s official I’m hooked !

For those based in the UAE, you can follow Glambox on IG @ GLAMBOXME or visit them directly on www.glambox.me/subscribe

*products were received at a PR event. Opinions are completely my own regardless if these are endorsed or not.


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