zareen shah

I began blogging around 2011 with my first blog called www.thehijaab.com based on modesty wear, travel, social issues and women empowerment. Being a self employed MUA and an obsessive beauty addict, I started a 2nd blog based on makeup and beauty in 2012, www.zsquaredxb.com. Both have had a great turnout but I now feel that it was time for a fresh start and to bring together all the things I was passionate about into one solid platform.

I am passionate about painting faces and I have been fortunate to travel around the world for fashion weeks, photoshoots, destination weddings and makeup workshops. My makeup style is more classic and timeless, and as an artist I always look to enhancing my client’s natural beauty as opposed to transforming them to someone else. I am on the constant lookout for makeup brands to play with and add into my my makeup kit and as a skincare junkie, the search never ends for products to keep my skin healthy and youthful. There will be plenty of beauty reviews, new discoveries and techniques to sharpen your makeup game here.

Being part of the fashion industry for over 15 years has increased and developed my sense of fashion and styling and my blog is a clear representation of it. My fashion style is a mix of high end labels with street finds from my travels around the world. I love discovering flea markets and new talent, and although I invest in certain classic pieces, I am not obsessed with designer labels. I love creating my own pieces of clothing as I believe that fashion should be a personal statement and there’s no reason to follow trends just for the sake of trying to fit in.

I am part Pakistani and part Filipino, born in Bahrain and raised in Dubai, UAE. Living in such a multicultural city with the combination of my mixed heritage has given me a broader and a more compassionate understanding of various cultures and religions. As much as I love makeup, beauty and fashion, I am also deeply concerned with the affairs of the world and the equality of women. My blog is here to break the stereotype of women that wear the hijaab and the social stigma associated with it.

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