Hey everyone, here’s a mini tutorial for a natural glam makeup for Eid using only 10 makeup products.

I wanted to simplify this natural makeup look as much as possible and I even tried to limit the number of brushes I used.

Here’s a breakdown of the steps of the video.

  1. Skincare- Prepping your skin before hand will not only save your face from the products you put on it, but it’ll also help your makeup stay longer and look fresh throughout the hours. So I first spritz my skin with Dermalogica Anit-Oxidant Hydramist Spray and then massaged the Soothing Cream moisturizer from Dermalogica all over my face. Take a few seconds to really massage the product into your skin instead of just patting it on top.
  2. Next step, is a little bit of concealer in the corner of the eyes and on the eyelids just to even out the eyelids. I used the M.A.C Pro Conceal Palette in Medium with a flat tipped brush from Crown Brushes C455.
  3. Add a pea sized drop of the Inglot Eyeshadow Keeper on the eyelids. This works as a perfect base for eyeshadow and stops it from creasing. You can easily use your fingers or a flat eyeshadow brush to apply it.
  4. Using the SMASHBOX Full Exposure Palette, I applied the light honey beige toned eyeshadow in M3 with the Morphe Crease Brush in E28. Start off with a medium toned transition color on your crease before getting in too deep with the darker colors. A transition color will help work as a bridge of making the smokier colors blend in more naturally.
  5. With a M.A.C 242 Flat eyeshadow brush, I used the shimmery eyeshadow in S4 only on the eyelids. As much as possible, try not to go up to the crease.
  6. Using the Angle Brush from Bdellium tools in 762 dipped in the matte black eyeshadow, start building your eyeliner from the outer corner of your eye. The Bdellium 762 eyeliner brush is THE brush to slay your eyeliner. Angle brushes are easier to control than fine liner brushes. Also, powder eyeshadow is a great option if you’re still trying to get a grip on your eyeliner skills. Just make sure you use the higher tip of the angle brush to apply your eyeliner at the corners of the outer or inner eye.
  7. With the same Morphe Crease Brush in E28, start deepening the corners of the eye with the M1 & M2 eyeshadow. Personally I don’t like to make my eye makeup too heavy in the beginning. I like to go back and forth as things get more complete. This way, it gives me a better idea of what’s missing and where I need to add on too. It’s always easier to add on to makeup, but it’s definitely harder to take away from it.
  8. Now go back to deepening the eyeliner with the darker eyeshadows by gently lifting the angle brush at the corners with the leftover black eyeshadow. I’m basically trying to merge both the liner and eyeshadow together.
  9. Once you’re happy with your eyeshadow and liner, you can now start cleaning up any fallout. I love the Bioderma Eyemakeup remover. It removes everything and anything in seconds and best part, it’s perfect for those with Sensitive skin.
  10. It’s now time to start with the face, and going back to the same Concealer Palette in Medium from M.A.C, I’m using the same concealer brush to go around my face particularly in the under eye area and around the nose. I honestly, use very little concealer and only in areas where there’s any discoloration or pigmentation.
  11. Using the Real Techniques Foundation brush and a few drops of the Kiko Liquid FDT in Second Skin, I apply the FDT in downward strokes. When you’re applying FDT on your forehead, swipe in a left and right motion or in the same direction as your facial hair. The Kiko Second skin FDT gives the right amount of coverage but is also really lightweight. I have noticed that this FDT dries up quite fast so you need to blend everything quite quick.
  12. Finalise the FDT by buffing it in with the Artis Oval 8 Brush. This just helps the FDT to look completely airbrushed.
  13. For this look, no baking was done at all. I used M.A.C mineralize Skinfinish in Light with a soft fluffy brush and pressed it gently on my under eye area and just on the bridge of my nose.
  14.  Now, it’s time to fill and define my eyebrows. I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in Med.Brown with the Senna Cosmetics Brow brush. I don’t define my eyebrows at the very beginning as I prefer them to look softer at the start. I do, however, prefer to make my eyebrows a little thicker but how you define your brows is a personal preference.
  15. I picked the Sleek Makeup Face Contouring Palette in Fair. It has 3 shades. One matte contour color, a middle shimmery highlight shade, and a peachy shimmery color. Instead of going crazy using too many creams or liquids to contour, I basically used this matte contour color to define my cheeks with a Real Techniques limited edition blush brush and a M.A.C Oval 3 brush for the sides of my nose.
  16. I find that it’s better to contour first and then apply blush and then highlight on top. Sometimes when highlight is applied before hand, it can look a bit muddy. The blush and highlight was applied with the RT Duo Fibre Brush.
  17. Now that I’m done with the face, it’s now time to go back to the eyes and add in some more drama. So before applying my mascara, I always take a few seconds to curl my lashes. Curling your lashes can give your eyes an instant lift, and make them seem bigger than they naturally are. I then applied a few coats of the new MAX Factor Voluminous Mascara. This is my current fav mascara as it helps me create this really doll eye look.
  18. Lashes time ! And I’ve picked out House of Lashes in Siren. These lashes are longer but not thick as I still want this Eid Makeup look to be glam yet natural. I’ve applied these lashes with an eyelash tweezer starting with fixing the outer corner first and then pulling it to the inner corner. Give your lashes atleast 30 seconds to set and dry before applying any product on top. The last thing you want is your lashes opening up by the end of the night.
  19. Once your lashes are set and dry, go back with the Angle brush dipped in black eyeshadow from the same Smashbox Palette and fill in any gaps between your lash line and your eyelash.
  20. Using the 219 Pencil Brush from M.A.C, I used the same shimmery eyeshadow on my eyelid and highlighted the inner corner of my eye. I then used a shimmery bronze shadow and smudged it underneath my eye.
  21. Back to mascara for my lower lashes, and I used the tip of the head of the mascara to coat my lashes. This technique helps to thicken the lashes and really create this 60s doll eye effect.
  22. For the Lips, I used the Ginger Lip Kit. But first I used the Lip Pencil and filled in my entire lips. Using Lip pencil as a base really helps to hold your lipsticks, even though liquid lipsticks are really long lasting, sometimes I feel, personally for me, as I lick my lips a lot, that it sometimes tends to fade just at the centre of my mouth. And who likes to have empty gaps with their lipstick ?
  23. To define and sharpen the corners of my mouth, I then used the Bdellium Flat tipped brush in 714 with some concealer to sharpen the shape of my mouth. I then used the brush to highlight the bridge of my nose, just to give my nose more definition.
  24. Voila, it’s done !


I hope you all enjoyed this ! Please make sure you’re subscribed to my youtube channel for more product reviews and How To’s http://bit.ly/2bMOAOH.

I’d love to hear from you so please let me know if you’d like me to add more tutorials and please share what kind of looks you’re interested in.


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